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Ark Survival Evolved Cheats And Game Codes – Updated 2021


Ark Survival Evolved Cheats And Game Codes. We will share Ark Survival Evolved Cheats with you. Ark Survival Evolved has recently become free through the Epic Games Store . After Epic Games Store made Ark: Survival Evolved for free, Ark: Survival Evolved is an action adventure survival game. many more downloads, reaching incredible users around the world. Cheats are not prohibited in Ark: Survival Evolved, like other games on the market. You can make the game more different and enjoyable with a few combinations and cheat codes. However, the cheats in the game are unfortunately not always available. Cheats are available on cheat free servers or single player.It is allowed to be used in games. As TeknoHocam, we will give you various cheat codes and combinations that you can activate while playing Ark: Survival Evolved to make your game pleasure more enjoyable .

You can open God Mode with the Ark Survival Evolved cheat codes we will provide . You can also obtain many materials, craft various equipment yourself, or tame dinosaurs. By playing Ark: Survival Evoled alone in single player mode, you can make the game faster and use Ark: Survival Evoled cheat codes to achieve faster progress.

Ark: Survival Evolved game cheats are used on the computer, but also on PS4, Xbox One game consoles. To use Ark: Survival Evoled game cheats on consoles, you need to activate a few settings in the game. As TeknoHocam, you can take note of the Ark: Survival Evolved game cheats that we have given below, which are useful for you. By noting the cheats, you can improve faster and become stronger in the game.

With the help of the console, you can cheat in the game Ark: Survival Evolved . To open consoles;

By pressing TAB on the PC platform

Pressing L1, R1, Square and Triangle on PS4 platform

On the Xbox One platform, you can activate the consoles by pressing the LB, RB, X and Y keys.

After activating the consoles on the platform you selected, you can use the Ark: Survival Evoled game cheats given below .

Ark Survival Evolved Cheat and Game Codes List

Ark: Survival Evolved General Cheat Codes

  • Walk : You can turn off flying and no clip mode.
  • Fly : You can fly your character.
  • God : You can activate God Mode in the game.
  • Ghost : You can pass through objects with your character. (No clip mod)
  • InfiniteStats : You can completely fill all the resources in the game.
  • ChangeSize X : You can adjust the size of your character. The initial X value is 1.
  • EnemyInvisible : No one can attack you until you attack someone with your character.
  • GMBuff : It is a combination of InfiniteStats and God codes.
  • LeaveMeAlone : It is a combination of EnemyInvisible, InfiniteStats and God mods.
  • GiveCreativeMode : You can activate the creative mode.
  • Teleport : You can teleport until you hit an obstacle in the direction you are looking at.
  • TeleportToPlayer (Player ID) : You can teleport your character to the player you specified.
  • TeleportPlayerNameToMe (Player Name): You can teleport the player you specify to your character.
  • TeleportPlayerIDToMe (Player ID): You can teleport the player you specify to you.
  • addexperience 1000
  • 1000 exp

 Ark: Survival Evolved Dinosaur Summon and Taming Codes

  • ForceTame: You can tame dinosaurs without using a saddle.
  • DoTame: If the dinosaur is tame, it will tame the dinosaur you want.
  • ForceTameAOE (area): You can tame all the dinosaurs in the area you specify.
  • (Dinosaur type) SummonTamed : You can teleport the dinosaur whose type you specify as a pet.
  • Summon (Dinosaur Type): You can instantly teleport the dinosaur whose type you specify.
  • GmSummon (Tier) (number): You can remove as many saddle sets as you want.

The “Tier” and “Dinosaur Type” we wrote above should be like one of the options below. By deleting the part we specified in parentheses, you must add the codes given below to the beginning or end of the code as you specified.

 Ark: Survival Evolved Dinosaur Types

  •  0 : Trike, Raptor, Dilo types.
  • 1 : Raptor, Carnotaurus, Thylacoleo types.
  • 2 : Paracer, Spino, Rex, Therizinosaur types.
  • 3 : Daeodon, Normal Rex, Yutyrannus, Therizinosaur, Rex with Single Saddle.

 Ark: Survival Evolved Tier Types

  •  ShieldMek : Mek with MDSM type.
  • Missing : Mek with MRLM, Element, Rocket Pod types.
  • Mek : Mek with MSCM, Mek with MRLM, Mek with MDSM.
  • Extinction : Enforcer, Snow Owl, Gasbags, Gacha, Velonasaur, Managarmr types.
  • Flyers : Quetzal, flyers Pteranodon, Tapejara with Tek Saddle, Argentavis types.
  • SiegeMek : Element, Cannon Shell, Mek with MSCM types.

Ark: Survival Evolved In-game Weapons, Armor, and Raw Materials

 Ark: Survival Evolved Raw Material Types

  •  GiveEngrams : You can unlock all crafting instructions.
  • GivereSources : You can add fifty of each source to your inventory.
  • GiveItemSet (Tier): You can get one of the following raw material packages with the number you write in the place that says “Tier” in the parentheses.

The “Tier” text from the above codes must be as follows. You should add the codes at the beginning or the end of the code as you want by deleting the part in the parenthesis.

Ark: Survival Evolved GiveItemSet Tier List

  •  0 : Gives 90 cooked meat, 2 Waterskin and 200 Stimberry.
  • 1 : Gives 9 cooked meats, 2 Jars of Water, and 200 Stimberries.
  • 3 : Gives 90 cooked and cured meats, 100 Cactus Broth, 100 energy drinks, 5 Enduro Stew, 5 Lazarus Chowder 100 and 5 Shadow Steak Sautae.
  • Food : Gives 30 cooked dried meat and 30 dried meat.
  • Water : Adds 1 bottle of water
  • Brews : Gives 100 energy drinks, 10 health drinks.

Ark: Survival Evolved Weapon Types

  • GiveWeaponSet (Tier) (Quality): If you write one of the numbers I gave below in the part that says “Tier” in parentheses, you can get the weapons in the following packages . You can write a number from 1 to 20 in the part that says “Quality” in parentheses.

Ark: Survival Evolved GiveWeaponSet Tier List

  •  0 : Grants Spear, Spear, Bow and Bola (primitive).
  • 1 : Grants Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Long Neck Rifle, Sword, and Grenade (basic).
  • 2 : Grants C4 Charge, Rocket Launcher, Compound Bow, and Fabricated Sniper Rifle (advanced).
  • 3 : Grants One Railgun, One Grenade, One Sword, and One Rifle (One).

Ark: Survival Evolved Armor Types

  •  GiveArmorSet (Tier) (Quality): If you write one of the numbers I gave below in the part that says “Tier” in parentheses, you can get the armors in the following packages . You can write a number from 1 to 20 in the part that says “Quality” in parentheses.

 Ark: Survival Evolved GiveArmorSet Tier List

  •   0 : Gives the fabric type.
  • 1 : Returns the type of kit.
  • 2 : Gives metal type.
  • 3 : Gives only one type.
  • Fur : Gives fur type.
  • Hide : Gives a hide type.

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You can use Ark Survival Evolved cheat codes in single player games and easily do whatever you want and become immortal.

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